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No Evil has always been pretty good, but I got to admit I really appreciate when you do something different and impressive with the animation.
You've certainly been doing a lot of that for this part of the story- Only appropriate I suppose, since things seem to be wrapping up.

As always, I look forward to the next one.

Excellent writing as always- Kajortoq's slightly different manner of behavior is a lot of fun- Of course, she was ALWAYS my favorite, so that may say something why I liked her so much here.

The final boss has revealed itself...
The world is really in for it now!

While as indie as ever, I've got to say you really know how to put together a scene. I've followed this series for a long time and have never been disappointed by the story. It really puts the whole thing together, honestly.

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Man, all this thing needs is a British narrator and I think you'd have the perfect opening to an old-timey style series!

I really love the choice of instruments, but what surprised me the most was how much the graininess did for the piece! I do not think it would work out nearly as well as it does if it didn't sound like it came out of an old gramophone. It actually gave me tingles, I kid you not.

As usual, the style is on point, and when a par-for-the-course is this good, I think you should be quite proud. :)

Monotron-Fox responds:

Lol thanks! ^w^ My wife was really impressed too. She said it sounded like a Jerry Goldsmith piece so I'm definitely quite proud.

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There's a lot going on in this one and I like all of it!

snailshu responds:

Thank you! Yeah, I had a lot of fun attempting a sort of ensemble movie poster-ish piece.

The soft colors and shapes on this one really make it shine.
I can't speak for how well this picture tells a story, but the composition is good, at least.

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